Friday, January 8, 2010

Bicycle Storage Shed Options

I hadn't really thought about ever really needing a bicycle storage shed until my daughters both moved out into an apartment on their collage campus. Since they were both freshmen they went allowed to have parking anywhere close to their classes for their car so they both resorted to riding their bicycles. This was an excellent idea except they didnt have anywhere to store their bikes at their apartment except to take them inside as their back patio wasnt very secure.

Since they were home for Christmas break and knew I like doing projects in the garage and they have seen me build several storage sheds they wanted to know if I would be interested in making them an outdoor bicycle storage shed to keep their bikes safe and secure when at the apartement. I thought long and hard about it and decide it would be fairly simple to make a bicycle storage shed as it would be considerably smaller than the standard storage barns i've built in the past.

I decided to take a trip down to Lowes and see what type of sheds that were already on the market that would work for storing bicycles. Now I never really expected to find a cheap shed or a clearance shed but I sure wasnt ready for the prices I found. They had several very nice small rubbermaid bike shed or storage boxes with doors in the front that would work however most were well over $300.00. I'm not normally a cheap scape but I don't think either of their bikes were worth anywhere near that much. So I decide to go ahead and build my own cheap bicycle shed out of sturdy scrap lumber I already had in the garage. Having the scrap lumber on hand made it far less expensive than It might if you have to go buy all the materials to build your own bicycle storage shed.
Wooden storage boxes like these aren't all that practical due to their lack of resistence to weather, exceedingly heavy weight and inability to move around easily so if your considering it, just remember you'll have to eventally move it, re-paint it and possibly build the bike shed from scratch all over again when the weather has take its toll on it. Good luck, Im sorry I didnt make some quick drawings or plans of this shed to share with everyone. Perhaps I can get something up in my spare time.